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At Serena Homes, knowledge is the key to our success. 
Every project is personally managed and built by us. 
We attend to all aspects from start to finish.

Serena Homes

Serena was created as a unique company where knowledge is the key to our success. Every single project is managed and built by us. We personally take care of all aspects from start to finish.

We create masterpeices. Our projects stand out and our quality is second to none. We enjoy what we do with a personal touch. We invite you to contact us and experience the Serena difference.

We are creators. Our approach is intimate and in-depth allowing us to create a memorable experience. Find out what we creating next.

We build projects with a purpose in mind. Our architecture creates a sense of serenity and beauty. Our designs create a new energy and a vibrance.

The communities we discover are well thought out and planned with the future in mind. As planners our vision extends beyond boundaries.

Our designs are unique. We are masters of our craft always looking ahead and embracing new technology. We combine our root knowledge with today’s modern designs to bring the home owner the best of both worlds.

We bring the world to you through our imported and hand picked sinks, faucets and sanitary ware. Our products are distinct, designed and professionally curated by our team of professionals.

Designers | Thinkers Creators

Every project is managed and built by us down to every detail. Our professional team personally hand-picks and curates every detail of our projects.


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